Run Swiftly

We’re wrapping up things for the year in class this week.  Fifth graders are becoming middle schoolers, and our fourth graders are looking forward to their final year of elementary school next year.

This will be my last year here at Imagine, as my family is moving to North Carolina this summer.  I’ve spent some amazing years at this school, and will dearly miss my students and co-workers.  Working at imagine has been a dream come true, and I’m grateful to have been part of your children’s lives.

To my students, I have loved being your teacher these past years and will miss all of you.  My last assignment to you is to have an amazing summer and try something new.

“. . .wonder about the past, run swiftly in the present, and have high hopes for the future.”

Ray Bradbury


If you need to get a hold of me for any reason, please feel free to either comment here or shoot me an email at as my imagine email won’t work after the summer.



Game Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is game day in class!  Students are free to bring in games and/or tablets from home to play on as long as they are responsible for whatever they bring in.


FCAT Writes Scores (4th grade)

This week our scores came in for the FCAT Writing test fourth grade took a few months ago.  Students were given a writing prompt and had sixty minutes to figure out what type of prompt it was and to write a two page expository essay or narrative prompt.  The test is scored out of six with “6” being perfect and “3.5” or higher as passing.  While it’s always important to take the results of these assessments with a grain of salt, fourth grade’s hard work definitely paid off.  The state average was 53% of students scoring a passing grade (3.5) or higher – our class had 78% of students score a 3.5 or higher.  I met with each student today, went over their score, and wrote it in their agenda.  I also told each student how proud I was of all of them, whether they passed or not each and every student has made great gains this year.


Remember, this is NOT a retention test!  Even if students didn’t pass they will still be going on to 5th grade!  What this does is tell us how well our writing instruction is working and which students need to really focus more on their writing in the coming year.  If your child somehow lost their agenda or didn’t bring it to school today and you’d like to know their scores (or if you have any questions) please feel free to shoot me an email,

EOY Award Ceremony

Quick correction, I had sent out invitation letters to students who were receiving an award stating that the EOY award ceremony was on March 27th.  Please disregard that date, the real date for the award ceremony is Monday, June 2nd.  I apologize for the mix up!

Weekend Update


  • FAIR letters sent home today
  • No school Monday
  • Moving Up day (5th grade) Tuesday
  • 3rd & 4th Quarter awards ceremony Tuesday (I’ll email who will be receiving an award this weekend)
  • 5th Promotion Wednesday
  • 5th grade leaves on their Sea World field trip Thursday

Embracing Our Differences

Both grades went to Marina Jack park in Sarasota and had a great time at the Embracing Our Differences art exhibit (even though I lost my voice!).

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History Fair

This week both grades presented their history fair projects to visiting classes.  I was SO impressed by both the projects and how students were able to answer questions and discuss their topics.  Check out our amazing projects below or click here to download.

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One more week to go!

Mr. Thompson

Field Trip Tomorrow!

4th and 5th grade students who have turned in their field trip forms will be going to Marina Jack park in Sarasota tomorrow to see the Embracing Our Differences field trip tomorrow!

  • Friday uniform
  • Hats, comfortable shoes, sunglasses, & sunscreen is suggested as we’ll be outside most of the day!
  • Buses leave school at 10:00 AM & return at 1:30 PM
  • Students who will not be going on trip will be with another class for the day

See you tomorrow!


Weekend Update


  • Embracing Our Differences field trip is Wednesday (May 21st)
  • 5th grade History Fair is Thursday (May 22nd)
  • 4th grade History Fair is Friday (May 23rd)
  • Any late work (Reading Responses, Memoirs, Poetry Books) must be EMAILED to me by Sunday evening

Reading & Writing

This week students have been using their class time to wrap up some of our final projects for quarter four, including 4th grade’s Poetry Books and 5th grade’s memoirs.

Social Studies

Both classes worked this week to put the finishing touches on their History Fair exhibits that will display all the cool stuff they’ve learned and made for this project.  Students from other classes will be signing up to visit our classroom museum and see all their exhibits on the 22nd & 23rd.

In Other News. . .

Please take a moment to check CrossPointe over the weekend, as all grades are now current.  I will be out Monday, so I can’t accept late work Monday morning.  That means that any late assignments done at home over the weekend need to be emailed to me at by Sunday night.

There are directions posted for most assignments on the Resources page.  Shoot me an email if you run into any trouble.  Thanks and have a great weekend!

Mr. Thompson