Weekend Update


  • Embracing Our Differences field trip is Wednesday (May 21st)
  • 5th grade History Fair is Thursday (May 22nd)
  • 4th grade History Fair is Friday (May 23rd)
  • Any late work (Reading Responses, Memoirs, Poetry Books) must be EMAILED to me by Sunday evening

Reading & Writing

This week students have been using their class time to wrap up some of our final projects for quarter four, including 4th grade’s Poetry Books and 5th grade’s memoirs.

Social Studies

Both classes worked this week to put the finishing touches on their History Fair exhibits that will display all the cool stuff they’ve learned and made for this project.  Students from other classes will be signing up to visit our classroom museum and see all their exhibits on the 22nd & 23rd.

In Other News. . .

Please take a moment to check CrossPointe over the weekend, as all grades are now current.  I will be out Monday, so I can’t accept late work Monday morning.  That means that any late assignments done at home over the weekend need to be emailed to me at jeremy.thompson@imagineschools.com by Sunday night.

There are directions posted for most assignments on the Resources page.  Shoot me an email if you run into any trouble.  Thanks and have a great weekend!

Mr. Thompson


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