4th Assignments

Poetry Book

Due: 5/16/14

Students will publish the poems they’ve been writing in class and create a poetry book following these guidelines:


Figurative Language Project

Due: 4/04/14

Students will complete a figurative language project of their choice that includes the following:


Pencil Personification Narrative

Due: 3/21/14


Due: 1/17/14

Students will fold a piece of large construction paper into six squares and choose a non-fiction text.  Then, students will alternate between reading for ten minutes and completing each activity.

Imagine Writes #3

Due: 11/8

Students write a complete narrative without support to the prompt:  “Think of or imagine that one day you invent something.  Now, write about a time you invented something.”

After conferencing with teacher about first draft, students work to produce a second draft.

Ugly Shoes Narrative

Due: 10/11

Mythical Creatures: 2nd Draft

Due:  10/01

After conferencing with me individually about the first draft of their Mythical Creatures narrative, students will work to write their second draft.

Mythical Creatures: Story Map

Due:  9/13

Students will make a story map for the following prompt:

Narrative Prompts (story map)

Book Review

Due: 8/30

Students will hand write a book review on a text of their choice using the guidelines for writing a good book review covered in class.


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