5th Assignments


Due: 5/16/14

Students will write a personal memoir about an event or memory that changed their life or affected them in some significant way.  The first and second drafts of this writing project will be written on paper and turned in to me to be checked.  The final draft will be typed on Penzu.

Giraffe Essay

Due: 4/11/14

After reading an article about the Copenhagen Zoos decision to end the life of one of their giraffes for population control, students will write a persuasive essay examining the arguments for and against their decision and stating their own opinion.

Killer Whale Essay

Due: 3/27/14

Students will read an article about the current debate on whether or not Orcas should be kept in captivity before writing a persuasive essay on the subject.

King George’s Opinion Essay

Due: 2/28/14

In this two-week writing project students worked to research and write a five paragraph essay to answer the prompt:

The author of “Can’t You Make Them Behave, King George?” includes many of the kings opinions as well as facts related to the American Revolution.  How did the king’s opinions influence the war?  Use evidence from the text, including quotations, to support your ideas.

Lewis & Clark Essay

Due: 2/17/14

In this writing project students worked together to come up with evidence from the text to answer the following question:

One word that could describe the Lewis and Clark expedition was “eventful”.  The group met one challenge after another in their quest to reach the Pacific Ocean.  Explain what happened on the expedition and how the group overcame these challenge .  Support your ideas with quotations, details, and other text evidence.

Next, we worked together as a class to write a focus statement, and a body paragraph:

     The Corps of Discovery faced and overcame many challenges on their trek to the Pacific Ocean.

     The first challenge they faced was the huge falls of the Missouri River.  Lewis wrote that it was, “The grandest sight I ever beheld.”  To solve this problem they had to carry their boats and supplies all the way around the falls.  It took three weeks and left the group exhausted.

Finally, students worked independently to write 1-2 more body paragraphs about other challenges the expedition faced and a conclusion.

Biography Project

Due: 2/14/14

After choosing one article to read, students will find the topic, main idea, and details.  Next, students will use their article to create a biography foldable.







William Clark


President Jefferson



Hugh McNeal



Biography Project

Biography Project


Due: 1/17/14

Students will fold a piece of large construction paper into six squares and choose a non-fiction text.  Then, students will alternate between reading for ten minutes and completing each activity.

Revolutionary Essay

Due: 1/17/14

Students plan and write a five paragraph persuasive essay from the point of view of a colonist just before the Revolutionary War trying to convince people either to stay loyal to England (loyalist) or to rebel against England (patriot).

After completing their essays students will revise and edit them before completing a second draft using Penzu.

Boston Massacre Articles

Due: 11/08

After reading and watching a video about the Boston Massacre students discussed how the English and the colonists viewed this event differently and looked at primary source illustrations of the event from the time.  Students then were assigned to write a newspaper article about the Boston Massacre from either the point of view of the colonists or the English.


Treasure Map Short Stories

Due: 9/27

Students will write a one paragraph story with the first sentence introducing the character and situation, body sentences that develop the plot, and a closing sentence which resolves the conflict.



Bud, Not Buddy

Due: 9/20

Students write a persuasive paragraph to the prompt:

Bud, Not Buddy (persuasive paragraph)

Prompt: Frenemies

Due:  9/13

Students write a paragraph to the prompt:

Prompt: Plan

Due: 9/13

Students will write a paragraph to the prompt.

Book Review

Due: 8/30

Students will hand write a book review on a text of their choice using the guidelines for writing a good book review covered in class.


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