Game Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is game day in class!  Students are free to bring in games and/or tablets from home to play on as long as they are responsible for whatever they bring in.



Field Trip Tomorrow!

4th and 5th grade students who have turned in their field trip forms will be going to Marina Jack park in Sarasota tomorrow to see the Embracing Our Differences field trip tomorrow!

  • Friday uniform
  • Hats, comfortable shoes, sunglasses, & sunscreen is suggested as we’ll be outside most of the day!
  • Buses leave school at 10:00 AM & return at 1:30 PM
  • Students who will not be going on trip will be with another class for the day

See you tomorrow!


Crunch Time!

As the end of quarter four draws near it’s crunch time for grades.  I highly recommend you check CrossPointe over the weekend to see if your child has any missing work.  Monday morning is the absolute latest I can accept any late assignments.

If you have any questions about what an assignment is please don’t hesitate to send me an email at


This won’t get you extra credit.


Quiz Alert!

Fourth & Fifth grade have some reading quizzes coming up (Friday for 4th; Monday for 5th)!  To help students study, I’m attaching some “quick codes” students can use to review the lessons online.  Simply go to and enter the quick code to see the lessons we’ve been working on the last two weeks.

4th Grade (Reading Poetry)

  • LZ1252
  • LZ621
  • LZ622
  • LZ623
  • LZ625
  • LZ626

5th Grade (Reading Informational Texts)

  • LZ1777
  • LZ1778
  • LZ1779
  • LZ1780
  • LZ1781
  • LZ1782


History Fair Update

The first due date for our History Fair project, May 2nd, is fast approaching.  On Friday I will be collecting student’s research notes to check.  Students need to:

  • Have at least two sources documented (website, title, author, date, etc) for where they got information.
  • Notes written in their own words (not copied).
  • Information relevant to their topic.

More information on this and all other history fair-related topics can be found here:

History Fair

This week both grades started their history fair projects.  History fair is loosely based on science fair, but is quite a bit more informal.  In this project students:

  1. Choose a topic (4th grade = Florida history; 5th grade = U.S. history)
  2. Research their topic
  3. Choose several projects to show what they’ve learned
  4. Present their projects by creating a museum exhibit

If students want or need to work on this project from home I have a website with directions and resources for each step that can be found here:

Due Dates:

    • May 2 – Research
      • At least two sources
      • Notes written in student’s own words
      • Relevant information for topic
    • May 12 – Menu Projects
      • At least two projects
      • Completed to teacher’s satisfaction
    • May 16 – Exhibits
    • May 22 – History Fair

Feel free to shoot me an email with any questions or comments.  We will be working on this project in class, but some students may need to do some work at home to meet their deadlines.

Extra Credit with NewsELA

To get extra credit in my class simply go to and sign up for a free student account (maybe make your username and password the same as MobyMax to help remember it).  When you sign up, make sure to enter the class code to get connected to my class:

  • 4th grade = PJUNN
  • 5th grade = UZDYL

Once that’s done you can check the Newsela   Binder button to see what articles I’ve assigned – or you can simply find one that interests you on your own.  If you’re having trouble understanding an article you can adjust it’s difficulty using the blue bar on the right side of the screen.  If it’s too easy, you can challenge yourself by increasing the difficulty as well (note: I see which one you choose when you submit your work!).  Most articles have a quiz at the end – that quiz is your extra credit and all you have to do is fill it out online.

Newsela   Two groups use their own numbers in debate over orca life spans

If you don’t have access to a computer let me know, I’ll have printed copies of articles in the classroom as well.  Confused?  Then watch the video-tutorial below: