Spelling Words

Spelling words are now updated on SpellingCity. Simply click on the green “Spelling” button to view the spelling lists. Due to the short week next week the spelling test will be next Friday, Jan. 24th.



Vocab & Spelling

Just a quick note to let you know the new spelling and vocabulary words are up for next week!

Misspelling City

I’ve just realized that the 5th grade week 3 list actually has the week 2 words in it on spelling city.  Aargh!  The words written in student’s agendas are correct, and now the week 3 list in spelling city has been fixed.  Apologies for the confusion.

Spelling Test Reminder

Don’t forget to study for your spelling test tomorrow!  Use the words you wrote in your agendas on Friday or go to my spelling city page.

Weekend Update


  • Spelling test Friday
  • Students can go to SpellingCity to practice words


In reading students have been focusing on monitoring understanding.  To do this students have been working on stoping, thinking, and jotting down their thoughts either on post-its when using a book and in the margins when using an article.  We also went over common ways in which readers lose track of their thinking while reading, and how to use fix-up strategies to get themselves back on track.


In fourth grade writing we’ve jumped into narrative writing by practicing story mapping.  Students have learned about the basic characteristics and components of narrative writing and started planning their own narrative stories.

Fifth grade has been focused on writing solid persuasive paragraphs that include a clear opinion statement that is supported by clear, coherent reasons.


We took our first spelling test today.  In addition, students wrote down their new spelling words in their agendas for next week.  I will be uploading the fourth and fifth grade lists for week 2 on Spelling City this weekend.  Students can go online to study, play games with, and take practice tests on their spelling words by going to: www.spellingcity.com/thompsonjg.

Have a great weekend!


Mr. Thompson

Spelling Words (Week 1)

5th Grade (Short Vowels)

  1. breath
  2. wobble
  3. blister
  4. crush
  5. direct
  6. promise
  7. grasp
  8. numb
  9. hymn
  10. shovel
  11. gravity
  12. frantic
  13. swift
  14. feather
  15. comic
  16. bundle
  17. solid
  18. weather
  19. energy
  20. stingy

4th Grade (Short a and Long a)

  1. blade
  2. gray
  3. past
  4. afraid
  5. magic
  6. delay
  7. amaze
  8. drain
  9. maybe
  10. break
  11. sale
  12. hang
  13. stain
  14. glass
  15. raft
  16. jail
  17. crayon
  18. fact
  19. stale
  20. steak

Weekend Update


  • Spelling tests start next week.
  • Make sure reading home work is written in agenda each night!
  • ClassDojo info went home this week – if you’re having trouble setting up a parent or student account let me know!

4th & 5th Grade

Fourth and fifth grade have completed their first two weeks and now know how to find “just right” books and how to check out and return items independently from our class library.  This week we also went over expectations and procedures for IDR (independent reading), read alouds, and reading lessons.  Both fourth and fifth graders learned the basic parts of a letter, and wrote their first letter to me about their thinking during their independent reading.  Finally, students worked on basic narrative and descriptive paragraphs as well as book reviews of their independent reading books.


I sent home my first spelling list with my fifth grade students today (fourth grade missed theirs so I will have a shortened list for them on Monday).  When I give a spelling list I have students copy their words into their agendas, then check to make sure they spelled them correctly.  Misspelled words are highlighted and corrected so students can see particular words they need to work on.  The first spelling test for both grades will be Friday.


Please make sure your child is doing their reading home work of 20 – 30 minutes of independent reading each week night and writing the title and pages in their agenda.  Next week I will start taking a weekly homework grade for their nightly reading.

Shout Outs

Thank you to everyone who sent in extra books from home or from our classroom wish list.  They are a great addition to our library and the kids are loving them!