History Fair Update

The first due date for our History Fair project, May 2nd, is fast approaching.  On Friday I will be collecting student’s research notes to check.  Students need to:

  • Have at least two sources documented (website, title, author, date, etc) for where they got information.
  • Notes written in their own words (not copied).
  • Information relevant to their topic.

More information on this and all other history fair-related topics can be found here:  www.isnphistory.blogspot.com


History Fair

This week both grades started their history fair projects.  History fair is loosely based on science fair, but is quite a bit more informal.  In this project students:

  1. Choose a topic (4th grade = Florida history; 5th grade = U.S. history)
  2. Research their topic
  3. Choose several projects to show what they’ve learned
  4. Present their projects by creating a museum exhibit

If students want or need to work on this project from home I have a website with directions and resources for each step that can be found here:  www.isnphistory.blogspot.com.

Due Dates:

    • May 2 – Research
      • At least two sources
      • Notes written in student’s own words
      • Relevant information for topic
    • May 12 – Menu Projects
      • At least two projects
      • Completed to teacher’s satisfaction
    • May 16 – Exhibits
    • May 22 – History Fair

Feel free to shoot me an email with any questions or comments.  We will be working on this project in class, but some students may need to do some work at home to meet their deadlines.

5th Social Studies

Last week one of our big projects for 5th grade was our Biography Project.  After I finished grading these projects over the long weekend I’ve noticed quite a few that are missing.  After working for three days on them last week I assigned them as homework over the weekend and wanted to send out a reminder.  If you check your child’s grades on CrossPointe and notice their Social Studies grade is low it’s very likely they haven’t completed this assignment.

You can find all the resources and directions for completing this project on our 5th Grade Assignments page.  As I explained in class, I’m not grading students on how it looks – I’m grading them on the content of their projects.  If you have any questions please feel free to comment on this post or shoot me an email.  Thanks!

4th Grade Florida Tribes Project

Last week fourth grade worked in groups to research and present information about different Florida tribes using posters.  Check out student’s awesome work now on display in the hall outside our classroom:

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