Run Swiftly

We’re wrapping up things for the year in class this week.  Fifth graders are becoming middle schoolers, and our fourth graders are looking forward to their final year of elementary school next year.

This will be my last year here at Imagine, as my family is moving to North Carolina this summer.  I’ve spent some amazing years at this school, and will dearly miss my students and co-workers.  Working at imagine has been a dream come true, and I’m grateful to have been part of your children’s lives.

To my students, I have loved being your teacher these past years and will miss all of you.  My last assignment to you is to have an amazing summer and try something new.

“. . .wonder about the past, run swiftly in the present, and have high hopes for the future.”

Ray Bradbury


If you need to get a hold of me for any reason, please feel free to either comment here or shoot me an email at as my imagine email won’t work after the summer.



EOY Award Ceremony

Quick correction, I had sent out invitation letters to students who were receiving an award stating that the EOY award ceremony was on March 27th.  Please disregard that date, the real date for the award ceremony is Monday, June 2nd.  I apologize for the mix up!

Weekend Update


  • Reading FCAT tests are done!
  • Math & Science FCAT are coming up next week
  • 4th grade field trip money due by April 24th

Reading & Writing

This week students in both grades took the reading portion of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Tests.  Next week, fourth grade will take the math portion of this test while fifth grade takes both math and science.  Due to this testing, our classroom instruction is pretty light with more focus being put on student-directed projects.

In reading both classes have been working to wrap up our second menu project which focuses on the Bill of Rights.  In writing, fourth grade has finished learning about five different types of poetry and have been working to publish some of their poems that will be used later to make their poetry books.  Fifth grade, meanwhile, has begun a unit on narrative writing by learning about writing memoirs.  For their first writing topic students were asked to think of a single event or experience which affected or changed them in some way – then they had to write about it. . .using only six words.


 4th Grade Field Trip (MOSI)

All field trip forms and money for the fourth grade field trip to MOSI on May 8th is due by April 24th at the latest.  I have had quite a few parents write to ask me if they could chaperone which is awesome!  The only issues are that chaperones will also have to pay $27 for admittance and we only have room on the bus for four.  That being said, if you’d like to be a chaperone and drive your own car then we can take more than four.  I will be sending out an email about this to those parents who have contacted me so far this weekend.

Extra Credit

Remember to visit our Extra Credit page for details about how to get set up with a NewsELA account to work on Extra Credit.  Articles for this week:

Weekend Update


  • Quarter 3 report cards went home today
  • FCAT next week!
  • (obviously) no new spelling/vocab words next week

Reading & Writing

Both classes spent time this week working on a Menu Project in which they practiced our smart test-taker’s strategies with a Scholastic News article and chose several ways to show their work.  After going through each strategy and menu item, students took a quiz on the article to demonstrate their understanding of the text.

Students who didn’t complete this project will be bringing home their articles, menus, and any work they’ve already completed to wrap up at home.  They can take the quizzes here:

In writing this week 5th grade wrapped up their Giraffe persuasive essays.  Fourth grade, meanwhile, has been learning about the different forms of poetry.

Social Studies

A big focus of our social studies this week was about map skills.  Students who did not complete their map skills assignment this week can get it done this weekend here:

In Other News. . .


Visit our Extra Credit page for directions on how to get started using NewsELA.  Articles for this week: