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Miss some school?  Want to review something from class?  You can find my lesson plans posted online here:


I usually update my week’s plans each Monday, then upload pictures of what we do in class each day.  Simply click on the grade level button above to see what we’re doing in class.


Spelling words are given out every Friday.  Students write their words in their agendas, then bring them up for me to check and highlight any words that need to be fixed.  In class, students study and practice their words at computer station using spelling city, but they are also responsible for studying their words at home.  You can find the weekly lists online at spelling city for students to practice, play games with, and take practice tests on here:


Vocabulary words are tied to our reading lessons, which means that students will be encountering and using those words both in class activities and in the story in their reading textbook.  Students will typically be getting a new set of ten vocabulary words every Monday (though this may vary from time to time), which they will be tested on by Friday.   Although it is not assigned as home work, students can find their weekly lists online to learn, play games with, and study here:

Social Studies

Social Studies in fourth grade focuses on the history of Florida, while the fifth grade curriculum looks at the History of the United States.  I teach Social Studies using articles, biographies, non-fiction, and fiction texts instead of a textbook.  Not only does this allow us to work with a wide variety of real-world texts, it also lets students participate in some awesome projects.


My only homework is for students to do 20 – 30 minutes of independent reading every week night.  Each day, students need to write down the title of the book they are reading and the time they spent reading it in their agendas.  The agenda then needs to be signed by a parent and return with the student to school.

The only other homework throughout the year will be occasional classwork projects that students do not complete in class and assignments on which students received a poor grade and choose to fix and turn back in to me.


ClassDojo is a tool I use to encourage fantastic student behavior in my class.  You can learn more about it here:  Class Dojo.


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